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Complete business strategy


We aren’t here to charge you money you don’t have, we’re here to make you the money you want. Starting with complete small business online support, mentoring and strategy planning. We are here to grow your small business dreams, into realities while supporting you along the way. With an educational background in digital marketing, business start-up and leadership, Nicole is here to guide you through all the hurdles you experience.  We will help you build your own paradise starting with visualizing your business and provide you with tangible tasks and skills to continuously improve your business.

Digital Marketing & Modernizing

Looking to dive into do digital marketing?

From email, SMS, Google, to even paid ads- if you are struggling, we understand. The digital world can be hard to figure out. This is why we made the packages the way we did, to allow you to learn as you earn!



Mindset & Business Coaching

Overwhelm, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, these are all normal when starting your own business- and they’re rarely ever discussed openly. We have taken the time and worked on these things within our own businesses. Now we are here to offer business coaching, as well as mindset coaching because the one thing we don’t ever want you to forget. You are not alone, we want to make waves together, to bring a sense of wellness back into your life so you and your business can thrive.


Branding & Social Media Help

We know branding in the digital age can be super intimidating- from start ups to even wondering what platforms to use and well.. how.  We are helping to guide you through it all with our 1 on 1 coaching – Social media is one of our expertise. 

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